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Dry, itchy, flaky, sensitive & blemished skin - with gentle, safe, natural beauty products

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Feel-Good Specials

30% discount for all salon bookings made during the month of May (Mother’s Day month)

FREE bath bombs with orders upon request: see Facebook page for more details
*while stocks last

Special Mother’s Day gifts available in store (salon shop)

People Friendly

Ethically sourced & sustainable, natural & organic ingredients, free from toxic and harmful ingredients – beauty without the fear. Suitable for people with sensitive skin and allergies, vegan and nut oil free skin care that is gentle and safe for use on the most tender of skin.

Animal Friendly

Cruelty free skin care products that are NOT tested on animals at any stage from gathering to use. You can rest assured no animals are harmed.

Choosing JOLI means protecting and saving animals from being experimented on or suffering for your beauty.

Earth Friendly

Earth is our only home and we need to protect it as much as we can. When you choose JOLI you choose ingredients that are natural, biodegradable and non hazardous, with recyclable packaging. No biohazard ingredients are used and therefore not dumped onto our earth.

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