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2 stages of healing skin issues

Joli NSC

14 September 2020

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2 stages of healing skin issues

Skin Issues

Some common skin issues are:

Stage 1: Soothing

When you first have signs of a condition occurring, such as itching or new pimples, the first thing you want to do is soothe the issue and hopefully stop it before it gets worse.


This means applying a lotion or cream that calms the affected area and/or taking some medication, such as antihistamine, to control the issue.


Let’s say you burn yourself while cooking. The first thing you want to do is soothe the burn and stop it from stinging or blistering and getting worse. In this case you’d apply some Soothing Salve to ease the sting.


Or your child wakes in the middle of the night scratching a rash (heat, eczema etc). You want to apply Soothing Salve to stop the itch as fast as you can.


Or you notice that you or your baby are developing a rash in the folds of some skin. You apply a cream or lotion to soothe the initial sting and redness. While Soothing Salve works well, you could also you a rich cocoa butter lotion such as Luscious Body Butter to soothe and protect.

NOTE: Luscious Body Butter is also good for use on preggy bellies to aid with stretch mark reduction.


Once an area is soothed what’s next?




Stage 1: Healing

The next stage is healing.


Once your burn or wound is healing, or your breakout has stopped, the next step is to help heal the skin to minimise scarring, scabbing and discolouration of skin.


This is where Skin Serum becomes the hero! The essential oils in Skin Serum have rejuvenating and regenerative properties. Which is a fancy way of saying the Serum has skin healing abilities.


For example, once a breakout is ending the dead pimple can leave dark pigmentation of skin in its place and this can last for ages (weeks)! Applying Serum helps heal the area quicker than just natural skin healing abilities and helps reduce scarring.


Once a burn is soothed (the stinging and redness eased) your skin will still need help moving through the next phase; healing. The burn might peel and skin will be dry and flaky (see above image). Again this is where the Serum helps.


For injuries such as scraped knees, post operation wounds and the like you would apply the Serum to heal the wound, and only apply Salve if the area is itchy, red or stinging (though Serum can also help with stinging).


Both Soothing Salve and Skin Serum are integral parts to soothing and healing skin conditions with both having their special skill set.

Have any questions about which product to use and when?


Drop me a comment and I’ll be happy to advise.

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