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20 Reasons to Choose JOLI

Joli NSC

20 January 2020

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20 Reasons to Choose JOLI

@ JOLI: we don’t just sell skin care, we sell solutions to YOUR skin care needs.

  1. Suitable for use in septic tanks and grey or waste water management systems.
  2. Recyclable / reusable containers and packaging.
  3. Gentle on children, sensitive skin types, asthmatics and allergy sufferers.
  4. Safe for flora, fauna, environment and ecology.
  5. Manufactured from natural, renewable vegetable and mineral resources.
  6. No caustic, harsh acids or formaldehyde.
  7. No Parabens, no Phthalates.
  8. No petrochemical or petroleum ingredients.
  9. No animal by-products or animal testing.
  10. Lowest possible toxicity levels.
  11. 100% biodegradable.
  12. NO SLES / SLS (harsh surfactants).
  13. Highly moisturising and long lasting.
  14. Super economical.
  15. Outstanding performance.
  16. A real delight to use.
  17. 100% Australian owned company.
  18. Developed and manufactured in Australia.
  19. Majority of ingredients sourced within Australia and fair trade when sourced OS.
  20. Customised to your desires and wishes (where possible).

Which of the above reasons do you like the most?

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