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5 Tips: How To Beat The Winter Blues

Joli NSC

15 July 2018

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5 Tips: How to beat the winter blues

Feeling SAD = Seasonal Affective Disorder.  During the colder winter months it is common for people to feel a little glum.  All those dull skies and chilly days stuck inside with nothing but grey to look out at.  Blah!


Here are some tips on how to cheer yourself up during those grey days.

Light a candle or 10

Place the candles in dark corners to light them up and give that hint of ‘a little ray of sunshine’.  Or place the candle near where you are so you can look over at it and feel a bit brighter.

Use uplifting scents in an oil burner

Citrus and floral scents are uplifting, they bring about feelings of Spring!  Who doesn’t love spring!

Drink uplifting beverages

I don’t mean caffeine, sugary drinks or alcohol; more like peppermint tea, lemon verbena tea, citrus teas.  Something herbal, good for you and  uplifting, so that you can train your brain to trigger those positive neurons naturally.

Add some colour to your world

This could be a colourful painting in a dark corner, a pictures of a beautiful place you’d like to be or a colourful tie, scarf, shirt, top etc.

Listen to uplifting music

For some this could mean your favourite song, or vibrant drums, or beautiful singing voices.  What ever ‘feel good’ music you like.

These are just a handful of ideas to help with those grey days / SADS.


If you have other suggestions I’d love to hear them [comment below] and remember “Don’t worry, be happy!”  🙂

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