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5 Ways To Look After Your JOLI Products

Joli NSC

28 April 2015

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5 Ways To Look After Your JOLI Products

Don't double dip.

For example: don’t dip your finger into Soothing Salve and apply to an open wound then re-dip that finger back into the tub, don’t dip your finger into your tub of moisturiser and apply to infected pimples then re-dip your finger back into the tub.  Products are protected from bacteria with natural preservatives however it’s a good idea to try not to put those bacteria microbes into your products.

Use a Popsicle stick to remove contents, esp if sharing.

Popsicle sticks are such a versatile little piece of wood.  They can be used and washed and used again and again, and are perfect for scooping products out of the container.  This is especially important if you share your beauty products with others.

Give products a wipe down.

Products such as Lip Balm, Moisturising Lip Balm and Deodorant can be wiped down, every so often, with a cotton pad splashed with Purifying Cleansing Toner to cleanse and refresh the surface.  This is especially beneficial if you use the products on an infected area, i.e. cold sores, or if you’re sharing your products with others, i.e. family, children.

Keep away from heat.

This is one of the most important things to keep in mind when using skin care products (both JOLI and other products).  Prolonged exposure to heat can break products down and destroy the beneficial properties of essential oils and natural ingredients.  If you do this once or twice, such as leaving your tub of Luscious Body Butter outside and it melts, it won’t affect the integrity of the product, however it’s  not something you want to happen often.

Don't let products sit for a long time unloved.

Again very important.  Products fair better when they are used as directed, i.e. regularly. You might have noticed that sometimes soaps or other products in pump bottles get a firmish bit of product inside the nozzle.  This is product being exposed to air and ‘setting’.  If you open your tub of Rich Cream Moisturiser, use it for a bit, then leave it sitting unloved for months you might notice a thin firm layer on the surface of the product or around the edges – the air setting your cream.  You want to use your products regularly to avoid that.





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