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Natural Eye Cream as Makeup Remover

Joli NSC

02 October 2017

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6 step natural makeup remover

I was asked by a customer what product I recommend for removing eye makeup, would the cleanser be effective?  The Face & Body Wash could be used to remove eye makeup, though I prefer to avoid soap base products around the eyes.  Soap based products around the eyes can dry out the delicate eye area and since the skin around this area is so thin it’s better to use a non drying product.


In all honesty the BEST product for the job is Fluffy Lime Eye Cream.  The creamy texture makes it ideal for use around the delicate eye area and the ingredients in the cream moisturise why helping to remove eye makeup.


To use:


1) Dab one finger in the eye cream, then press this finger against a finger on your other hand.  You’ll now have two small dabs of eye cream on both fingers.


2) Dab each cream tipped finger around your eyes then gently massage the cream around your eyes.  You will see the makeup being removed as you go – you might look like a panda at this stage depending on how much makeup you have to remove.


3) Using a flannel (face washer) dampened with moderately warm/hot water wipe over the area.  This will remove the loosen makeup leaving you with a clean eye area.


4) If you’re wearing particularly heavy makeup you may need to repeat the process.


5) Cleanse your face as necessary.


6) Reply a small amount of eye cream around your clean eye area to moisturise and aid with prevention of fine lines and wrinkles.  The lime essential oil in the Fluffy Eye Cream helps tone and firm the skin and ease tired puff eyes.


Whether you’ve worn a light application of makeup for work or a day out, or a heavy applicator for a night on the town or fancy dress party (even blokes who’ve applied gothic or drag queen makeup)… Fluffy Lime Eye Cream is the perfect way to remove your makeup – effortlessly and naturally.

Easy peasy and good for the skin around your eye area!


Did this post make you want to make the switch to something more natural?


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