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A - Z uses for JOLI's Soothing Salve

Joli NSC

28 February 2014

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A – Z uses for JOLI’s Soothing Salve

A = after shaving to ease shaving rash
B = baby bottom balm [aka nappy rash]
C = cradle crap
D = dry skin patches
E = ears: dry, itchy inside or around
F = face: dry skin, eczema, psoriasis patches
G = general soothing of irritated areas such as allergies to band-aids
H = heat rash, hives
I = ingrown hairs
J = jock itch (need I say more)
K = kiss dry lips good bye
L = legs: moisturise and alleviate after-hair-removal
M = mozzie bites
N = nipples: when they get sore from breast feeding
O = optical (eye area), pink eye / conjunctivitis / sleep (the dry bits in your eye lashes) / patches of dry skin
P = psoriasis
Q = quick relief of stinging and redness
R = rectum: sore bottom, ease the sting from piles, fishers etc
S = sunburn, soothing the sting and redness
T = tattoos: ease the healing process and moisturise area
U = underarms after hair removal
V = vagina: a moisturiser and personal lubricant
W = wind burn
X = Xma (eczema) – stop the itching and redness fast and use daily to keep the area moisturised
Y = yeast infection (thrush)
Z = zi itch, stop zi itch super fast!


Thank you Shelley for suggesting this GREAT blog idea 🙂

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