Our Story

I'm driven by a passion for reducing the amount of chemicals people are exposed to day to day.

JOLI have been hand crafting Natural Skin Care for Australians since 2005.

Every product is handmade to offer you tailor-made skin care that is perfect for your personal needs and desires.

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” After receiving your order, I individually gather the ingredients needed to make your product.  Using my specially formulated, tried & tested recipes I set to work to hand craft your products.

” My recipes have been in use for over 50 years and have been passed down from generation to generation and now, on to you.

They’re just that good.

” Once gathered, I blend and create, pour and package, and then dispatch to you within 2-4 days of receiving your order.

How awesome is that!


” This ensures the quality of each product as the ingredients I used are fresh.  All products are made to order rather than manufactured and produced in bulk.

The JOLI Team

JOLI is a family run, family owned business. The name JOLI comes from my Italian name, Jolicatella - shortened to JOLI (meaning beautiful) so it can be pronounced and remembered.

Jodi (aka Joli)

Founding Director

Creating beautiful natural skin care for you to enjoy.



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The Boys


It's a hard job sampling products but someone's got to do it.

Gorgeous Skin Care

As natural as can be!

Eczema, asthma, wheat and dairy intolerance run in my family.  All my children (and I) had eczema to varying degrees and couldn’t be bathed in anything but water without having skin reactions (red, sore, dry, flaky skin).  If I did use soap or shampoo on them they’d get rashes and even using mainstream nappy rash creams caused issues.


This took me on  journey of trying to find natural products that didn’t contain iffy ingredients, where I was amazed at how many products on the market contained ingredients that were know skin irritants, as well as carcinogens and potentially hazardouos!  Evan brands that were meant to treat eczema and/or be used on babies to moisturise skin contained artificial ingredients, additives and preservatives that weren’t skin friendly.


Out of desperation I started making my own skin products to use on myself and my children.


From there things grew from 1 or 2 products to a few more and a few more, and also grew from just us using the products to others wanting to use the products, and thus, JOLI was born.


Since then many others have joined the band wagon of ‘natural skin care’ – people’s desire for chemical free skin care is growing – however, JOLI remain one of the most natural skin care brands on the market.  Plus we cater to your skin care needs, and can customise products to suit your needs i.e: allergic to lavender… we can leave it out, love the scent of vanilla… we can add it in.

Your skin, your health, this earth... Matters!