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BPA & Box Free

Joli NSC

05 June 2014

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BPA & Box Free

JOLI did a little research, contacting suppliers, asking very important questions about our packaging (containers)… and found out that our packaging is BPA free.  We had always assumed it was, however, the question was never formally asked.


What’s more our packaging is also recyclable PET plastic.  Yay!


Now customers can shop knowing not only are JOLI products made with natural ingredients, not only do they not harm people or animals, not only are the ingredients used 100% biodegradable and earth friendly… our packaging is also BPA free and recyclable.  Awesome news for you 🙂


*   *   *


Why JOLI don’t package their products in fancy boxes – outer packaging:
We understand this type of packaging might look more appealing and even a tad more professional (?), however…


1. Trees have to be cut down to make the boxes which will only be thrown away.  Yes they can be recycled, however, they cannot be reused unlike our containers.


2. Non ethical companies list their product ingredients on outer boxes which are then thrown away.  When you want to look up an ingredient (i.e. find out if your moisturiser contains something nasty) you can’t find it because the box has been discarded and the ingredients are quite often not listed on the container itself.


3. JOLI list all the ingredients on the product itself, along with directions for use, so you can readily look at what is in your products when ever you want.


4. It’s doubling up on packaging which would leave a bigger carbon footprint and we want to minimise our footprint as much as possible because it’s better for our earth.


This is why JOLI feel there is little need for fancy outer packaging.  What do you think?  Comment below.

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