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Bringing Customer Service Back

Joli NSC

03 April 2017

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Bringing Customer Service Back

Justin Timberlake told us he’s “Bringing sexy back.”  Well JOLI are bringing customer service back to a nation of Australians longing for the type of ‘good ol’ days’ service!


That statement makes it sound like customer service has been previously lacking from JOLI up until now, however, that could not be further from the truth.  Ask any of our loyal customers and they will tell you JOLI excel in superior customer service.


From offering advice on essential oil scent choices to adapting orders for a customer, JOLI are always there to be of assistance and make being a JOLI customer as enjoyable as possible. Not only do JOLI tailor make our skin care to suit your needs, include a FREE product sample with your orders and often give out discount cards, we also enjoy ongoing relationships with our customers, whereby their future needs are also catered to.  This includes following up on orders to see if the products you’ve purchased are meeting your needs.  Your orders are put together with care, packaged nicely and finished off with a pretty reusable ribbon.


In a world where many businesses treat ‘customer service’ as though it’s a dirty word, un-necessary, superfluous… JOLI pride themselves on giving great service.  You want to walk away from your shopping experience (online or otherwise) feeling that you’ve been given the best service possible, yes?


This is what JOLI want for you as well so don’t settle for mediocre customer service from businesses.  Why give your hard earned money to a robot who doesn’t care about your needs? Start shopping with JOLI and experience the difference for yourself.


~ Loyal customers who love our customer service please feel free to leave a comment here sharing your experience with others x ~

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