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Why Choose JOLI

I'm driven by a passion to reduce the amount of harsh ingredients people are exposed to.

What You Get

  • Flat-rate $8 shipping
  • FREE postage for orders over $80
  • 2-4 day turnaround time
  • Guest checkout. No need to sign up or open an account.
  • 5% discount on all orders when you open an account
  • VIP upgrade – 10% discount on all orders when you’ve placed 10+ orders
  • SAFE eco friendly products: FREE from propylene glycol, parabens, phthalates, SLS/SLES, mineral oil, petrochemicals, Triethanolamine, EDTA.

People, Animal & Earth Friendly

* Signer of Safe Cosmetics Campaign – non harmful ingredients


* No Animal Testing – Accredited by PETA & Choose Cruelty Free


* Founded right here in Australia, Melbourne, Victoria
[Supporting Australian small business means low carbon footprint]


* BPA Free recyclable packaging

Beneficial For

  • premature ageing
  • fine lines and wrinkles
  • eczema, psoriasis & dermatitis
  • dry damaged skin
  • stretch marks
  • blemished skin/breakouts
  • hives, rashes
  • bites & many other ailments
  • suitable for sensitive skin of all ages

Bespoke artesian skin care

~ Each product is individually made, prepared and packaged by hand, by me, for YOU; offering you a high level of personal attention!

~ Formulations have been developed and in use for over 50 years, with specialised formulations for more carefully targeted results.

~ JOLI have an enviable eco-friendly and sustainable reputation and we do NOT test on animals or use ingredients that are tested on animals.

~ Whatever your personal requirements, you’ll find a JOLI product to suit you and your family’s needs.

Frequently asked questions

One of key points of difference with JOLI is products can be customised just for you, the way you like, to meet your individual needs and requirements.


If you require any assistance message JOLI for your personal consultation.

Can I have my Facial Wash scented with vanilla ?

Yes, JOLI can custom scent Facial Wash for you.

Can I have grapefruit scented Rich Cream Moisturiser ?

Yes, JOLI can custom scent Rich Cream Moisturiser to suit your needs.

Do you have anything to help with eczema ?

Yes, Soothing Salve is highly beneficial in helping soothe redness, itching and dry skin related to eczema.

Do you have products gentle enough to use on babies/young children ?

Yes, most of JOLI's products are suitable for the most tender and sensitive skin types and we can customise a product to suit individual needs.

I'm allergic to lavender, can you leave this out of a product ?

Yes, JOLI can customise products to suit individual needs.

My daughter has anxiety, can you make a product to help ?

Yes, JOLI can add a special blend of essential oils to any product your daughter uses to aid with anxiety relief.

Can I have a different scent in Whipped Cream Moisturiser ?

Yes, even though Whipped Cream Moisturiser has a special blend of essential oils to combat fine lines and ageing, you can change the scent to suit your preference: i.e. lavender.

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About JOLI

As natural as can be!

JOLI is a family run, family owned business. The name JOLI comes from my Italian name, Jolicatella – shortened to JOLI (beautiful) so it can be more easily remembered. So remember the name JOLI for all your skin care needs… Naturally!


Eczema, asthma, wheat and dairy intolerance run in my family.  All my children (and I) had eczema to varying degrees and couldn’t be bathed in anything but water without having skin reactions (red, sore, dry, flaky skin).  If I did use soap or shampoo on them they’d get rashes and even using mainstream nappy rash creams caused issues.


This took me on  journey of trying to find natural products that didn’t contain iffy ingredients, where I was amazed at how many products on the market contained ingredients that were know skin irritants, as well as carcinogens and potentially hazardous!  Evan brands that were meant to treat eczema and/or be used on babies to moisturise skin contained artificial ingredients, additives and preservatives that weren’t skin friendly.


Out of desperation I started making my own skin products to use on myself and my children in 2005 using tried-and-true recipes that have been formulated and used for over 50+ years – made the old fashioned way with natural ingredients found in nature.


From there things grew from 1 or 2 products to a few more and a few more, and also grew from my family and I using the products to others wanting to use the products as well, and thus, JOLI was born.


Since then many others have joined the band wagon of ‘natural skin care’ – people’s desire for chemical free skin care is growing – however, JOLI remain one of the most natural skin care brands on the market.


JOLI’s mission is to supply excellent quality, genuinely natural & safe skin care products because I know how important it is to look after you, your love ones, animals and the earth… Naturally.

Jodi (aka Joli)

Formulator & Founder

Beauty therapist & natural skin care creator


Facial therapist


Nail technician



Contact JOLI any time with questions or feedback

@ JOLI: we don’t just sell skin care, we sell solutions to YOUR skin care needs.