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Customised for you

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JOLI take pride in responding to you as quickly as possible - during office hours.

10:00am - 6:00pm

JOLI’s Mission Statement

JOLI’s mission is to supply excellent quality, genuine, natural & safe skin care products  because we know how important it is to look after you, your love ones, animals and the earth… Naturally.


JOLI will never sell or give your personal information to other companies. For more information visit our T&Cs page

Frequently asked questions

One of key points of difference with JOLI is products can be customised just for you, the way you like, to meet your individual needs and requirements.  Products are also made fresh upon order.


If you require any assistance message JOLI for your personal consultation.

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Can I have my Facial Wash scented with vanilla ?

Yes, JOLI can custom scent Facial Wash for you.

Can I have grapefruit scented Rich Cream Moisturiser ?

Yes, JOLI can custom scent Rich Cream Moisturiser to suit your needs.

Do you have anything to help with eczema ?

Yes, Soothing Salve is highly beneficial in helping soothe redness, itching and dry skin related to eczema.

Do you have products gentle enough to use on babies/young children ?

Yes, most of JOLI's products are suitable for the most tender and sensitive skin types and we can customise a product to suit individual needs.

Do you have anything to help with pimples/breakouts ?

Yes, Facial Wash comes custom made with essential oils to combat breakouts and blemishes.

I'm allergic to lavender, can you leave this out of a product ?

Yes, JOLI can customise products to suit individual needs.

My daughter has anxiety, can you make a product to help ?

Yes, JOLI can add a special blend of essential oils to any product your daughter uses to aid with anxiety relief.

Can I have a different scent in Whipped Cream Moisturiser ?

Yes, even though Whipped Cream Moisturiser has a special blend of essential oils to combat fine lines and ageing, you can change the scent to suit your preference: i.e. lavender.

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