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Customised Skin Care for You

Joli NSC

18 November 2015

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Customised Skin Care for You

JOLI, customising our skin care to YOUR needs because no 2 people are alike.

That is our unique selling point and this is how it works:


JOLI’s Facial & Body Wash comes custom made to suit your skin type (selected upon purchase), however, if you would like the wash scented with vanilla or patchouli or raspberry JOLI will do that for you.


JOLI’s Rich Cream Moisturiser is available in a variety of scent choices to suit feminine and masculine, however, if there is another scent you’d prefer JOLI do that for you.


Some people purchase our Skin Serum and would like the scent stronger or softer.  JOLI do that for you.


Some customers request no lavender or other ingredients be added to products due to allergies.  Sometimes they ask for additional ingredients such as vitamin E.  JOLI do that.


Some customers request no flavour in their lip balms and JOLI do this too.


We also have customers who request no cypress essential oil be added to Light Moisturiser (as part of it’s base properties) because they’re not a fan of the scent.  JOLI do this for you.


Some times we even have customers ask for products to be custom blended to suit particular ailments such as: anxiety, loss of concentration, depression etc. and again JOLI do that.


Best of all this wonderful ‘custom made’ service on offer is at NO EXTRA COST to you. The price of the product remains the same.  Just part of the special service JOLI offer to you.


Here are our additional essential oil scents and fragrant oil scents that you’re welcome to choose from.


ALL enquiries welcome.

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