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Ethical Skin Care

Joli NSC

03 January 2017

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Ethical Skin Care

Over the years there has been a large movement towards more ethical ways of living.  As more people become concerned for our planet (our home) and our future, we have begun making more ethical choices in how we live and the effects we have on our environment.  It has become more important than ever (and this importance is growing) to care for our planet so that future generations have a safe and healthy place to live, so that the earth is protected and animals are looked after.


Sustainable living is important to us, as is purchasing from ethical companies.


JOLI Natural Skin Care are an ethical company, but what does it mean to be ethical? Ethics may vary from company to company depending on what options are open to them.  Here are some of the ways JOLI are ethical.


1) JOLI do not test on animals nor do we use ingredients that are tested on animals (by us or other third parties) because it is important to us that no animal suffer for a product.  JOLI are all about healthy, safe and nourishing products.  Safe for people, the environment and animals.


2) We use Australian manufactures for our packaging and labels which keeps jobs in Australian.  JOLI feel it is important to support other Australian businesses and jobs.


3) A lot of our ingredients are produced in Australia, however, there are a number of ingredients that come from overseas, imported by our Australian suppliers.  Where this occurs it is done via fair trade, giving third world communities a chance to make a decent living from their produce (no sweat shops!)


4) JOLI use reclaimed bubble wrap to keep our products safe on their journey from us to you. We approach companies who have surplus bubble wrap – which they would have recycled – which means no extra bubble wrap is produced for us to ship our products to you.  Plus you can recycle/reuse bubble wrap just as you could/would tissue paper.


5) Other parts of our packaging; BPA free containers, pretty ribbon, cellophane, paper bags etc. are recyclable, reusable and/or biodegradable and we send electronic invoices.


6) We have a number of charities we like to support.  Charities that give support to minorities, young people who cannot defend themselves, indigenous people and disadvantaged people. Portions of sales (your money) goes towards helping these people which gives us all a nice warm fuzzy feeling.


7) There is also the fact that our ingredients are biodegradable and don’t contain nasties that hurt the environment or YOU.  This is one of the best things about JOLI Natural Skin Care.


When you’re thinking about making an ethical purchase of skin care products you can rest assured that JOLI is doing their utmost to be as ethical as possible because, like you, the health of our planet and your skin is important to us.


JOLI = Australian Made Australian Owned

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