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Privacy Policy: JOLI is committed to complying with legal obligations under the National Privacy Act.

Packaging: Packing is BPA free, recyclable/reusable.


Prices: subject to change without notice.

Terms & Conditions

Collection of information

In order to process your orders and queries promptly we may request personal details such as your name, email address and postal address. Any information collected is purely to provide you with excellent customer service, process orders quickly, send out newsletters and tailor products to your needs.

How we collect information

When you contact us, submit a query, place an order, when you/your friends take part in our Refer a Friend program, signup to our newsletter, enter a promotion, competition, partake in a survey or other promotional activities.

Use of personal information

Information is used to process your orders quickly and promptly, for internal record keeping and may also be used to promote and supply additional information regarding products and services. We do not use your information for any other purposes and will never sell or pass on your personal information to other parties. If you do not wish us to contact you in relation to such services you are free to let us know at any time.

Storage of personal information

All efforts are made to ensure the safety and protection of information collected with up to date security systems. We never keep records of your credit or bank card details.

Condition of Use - Website Information

Information and pictures contained with in these pages are the property of JOLI Natural Skin Care. You may browse freely whilst being respectful of the content, the products and other customers. Using our images for your own use without permission is forbidden under copywrite laws. Comments on blogs must be respectful and courteous

Acceptance of T&Cs

By submitting information, entering competitions, accessing and using our website you have shown an interest in our products. Therefore you will be added to our exclusive subscriber list, where you will receive our latest news, competition details, product discounts and monthly deals + 5% discount on orders. You are free to unsubscribe at any time, however, the monthly dose of In The Raw with JOLI is a fabulous way to keep in touch & better your health.

Loyalty Rewards

VIP & other rewards

After 10 purchases you automatically become a VIP member of JOLI’s exclusive Loyalty Rewards program. JOLI also Thank You for your support by providing you with: - Free samples with your orders - 5% discount on all orders when you set up an account with JOLI (for as long as you are subscribed) - Refer a Friend discounts

Coupons & Deals

Cannot be used in conjunction with one another. Only one coupon can be used at anyone time and this may cancel out other deals, discounts etc.

Payment Options

Direct Deposit, PayPal (bank or credit card), check / money order. NOTE: orders are NOT shipped until payment is received and cleared.

Postage & handling

AUSTRALIA wide including PO Boxs. No international shipping.

Flat rate $8 shipping - FREE postage for orders over $80 - FREE local pickup - Products shipped within 2-4 days from time or order.

Why don't JOLI ship internationally ?

International shipping uses considerable resources (petrochemical/fossil fuels), whereas, if people shop local they’ll save on the use of those resources considerably. Also, by shopping local you’ll be supporting a small business local to you/your country and this is a WIN WIN for all!

BPA Free recyclable Packaging

JOLI use Australian manufactures for our BPA free packaging, and labels which keeps jobs in Australian. Reclaimed bubble wrap is used to keep your products safe on their journey from us to you; which means no extra bubble wrap is produced for us to ship our products. Bubble wrap is also recyclable: as is all our packaging.

Returns Policy

As per Australian Consumer Law: We are not required to provide a refund or replacement if you change your mind. You purchase a product of your own free will based on the product description, and if you are dissatisfied with your choice you are free to purchase other products which may be more to your liking. A refund (partial or full) or exchange may be offered if an item: is faulty, broken or damaged beyond use upon receipt of goods is deemed unsafe or unusable upon receipt of goods If a product is deemed to be faulty upon arrival this matter will be addressed and remedied accordingly, if necessary or applicable. Any concerns must be raised immediately upon receipt of goods.

Storage & Usage

Even though products contain a blend of natural preservatives and antioxidants, it is still important to store and use products as directed.  Each product is made fresh upon order for YOU, as it was done in ye ol’ apothecary days, and each product is made to be used regularly – they will not last forever.  Adore and cherish your products!


Wash your hands before use - Store products in a cool, dry place - Keep out of direct sunlight - Use products as recommended on label - Store unused products in refrigerator.


Expose to heat or humidity - Store products in direct sunlight, halogen lights - Leave product unattended/unused in a cupboard for months.

Any damage to your skin care products resulting from failure to take proper care will not be refunded or reimbursed

Wholesale Enquiries

Are you interested in stocking genuine natural skincare ?

JOLI are renown for their: - Outstanding customer service - Quick turnaround time - Low opening order value $200 - A wealth of support and advice. Contact us today for more information.


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