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31 January 2017

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Flow Equals Happiness

Flow Equals Happiness

Right off the bat you might be wondering what happiness has to do with natural skin care? Bear with me and all shall be revealed…


Instead of making a new year’s resolution I have decided to make the year 2017 about a theme: happiness.


2016 was a hard, stressful and sad year for many, with numerous celebrity deaths, as well as personal ones, along with numerous world tragedies.  For me personally, dealing with the death of my step mum has been hard because she was my ally in all things skin care, natural and hand made.  We would talk for hours about new soaping techniques, scent blends, creams, lotions etc. Her death has left a void in my world especially when it comes to having someone to talk to about my work and creations.


I’ve been reading the book Flow by Mihaly C. which talks about the types of things people do that bring about happiness – a state of mind where you’re so into the thing you’re doing that nothing else matters.  Such a great feeling!  This year I will be setting out to find and do those things that bring me the most flow, happiness, joy!


One such thing is my work, my creations.  I love making products and get so absorbed in the process, lost in the delightful scents, colours and creams, dedicated to applying those product stickers on just right, deep in thought when measuring out ingredients and doing the sciency stuff.  Nothing else matters in those moments of creation.  Hand making these delectable products for you to enjoy is a labour of love and something I look forward to losing myself in more and more often.


So bring on 2017… the year of happiness!What flow activity brings you happiness?

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