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For discerning people who want choice!

Joli NSC

01 August 2019

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For discerning people who want choice!

I have a couple of friends who have a favourite restaurant they LOVE to go to!  That’s because they are discerning and like to be able to choose what they do and don’t feel like.  No mushrooms yet extra chilli.  No olives with extra cheese.  Swap the salmon for something else.  Take out the tomatoes and add extra basil.


What ever their desires, they ask and the staff cater to their desires brilliantly.  The staff don’t complain or spit in their food or dislike them for being discerning.  This is why they love the restaurant so much.  The staff cater to their needs with exceptional service, know them by name and treat them like VIP’s!

Skin care adaptions

Those same friends are long time JOLI customers for the same reason they love their favourite restaurant.  JOLI cater to their needs and desires.


One friend loves Whipped Cream Moisturiser because of it’s rich moisturising properties and hydration of the skin.  And although Whipped Cream comes with a special blend of essential oils that penetrate the dermal layers to aid in wrinkle reduction, my friend loves having lavender added to her cream instead.


The soothing scent of lavender is relaxing and aids in stress reduction and makes a beautiful adaption to this moisturiser.


Another friend likes to request special adaptions and special products to be made especially for her, and if something goes wrong (which can happen from time to time because no company is perfect) she will request a replacement product and it is sent out at no extra cost.


Another friend likes vanilla everything and requests vanilla in her moisturser, facial cleanser, massage oil etc.  Because she can!


These are just a couple of examples of being discerning and wanting choice.

Run of the mill

You could go out and purchase any run-of-the-mill product that is a one-size-fits-all type product i.e. one scent choice, no scent choice, made for one skin type only, made for all skin types and therefore not accurate for YOUR specific skin type etc.


Or you could choose JOLI because with JOLI you get choice!  With JOLI you get to choose your skin type including combination skin and products come tailor made to suit.  With JOLI you get to choose your moisturiser scent or have a product unscented.  With JOLI you can inform us of allergies and products can be adapted to suit.


This is not a service you get from regular product outlets.

The choice is yours!

Are you happy to settle for some cheap moisturiser or facial cleanser made to be suitable for ‘most’ people or would you prefer products made specifically for YOUR skin care type and/or special needs, requirements and desires?


Are you the discerning type?  Do you love, want and desire choice?


If your answer is yes you are in the right place.  Contact JOLI today to discuss your requirements and options and JOLI will be happy to work with you and cater to your needs.



When have you purchased a one-size-fits-all product?


Was it to your liking?


Would you have liked to have been able to make adaptions?


I’d love to hear your views so leave a comment below.

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