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Going Vegan & Nut Free

Joli NSC

01 March 2018

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Going Vegan & Nut Free

JOLI are moving towards 100% vegan products that are also nut oil free.


Presently there are only two animal derived ingredients in use: beeswax and lanolin.  Beeswax is easy to substitute because there are numerous plant based alternatives.  Lanolin, however, is a little bit more tricky because it is really good at putting a barrier between your skin and the elements which is why it’s so helpful in treating eczema.


When substituting lanolin a bit of research, work and testing will need to be undertaken to ensure the end result works just as well (if not better).


As for nut ingredients there is almond oil, walnut scrub, shea nut and macadamia oil used in 6 of JOLI’s 28+ products.  These ingredients will be phased out as we run out of labels and reorder new labels, adapting products as we go.


The catch is:


There are, in some cases, stacks of labels to get through before new ones can be created.  For example there are 170 Skin Serum labels and 148 Deodorant labels still to be used.


Why does it matter?  Why can’t we just make new labels and throw out the old ones?  Well… it comes down to costs and wastage.  As mentioned previously there are costs involved in having new labels created and printed so money was put into the labels we currently have.  Throwing them out would be wasting that money (and even if JOLI was super flush, which is not the case, there’s never any need to throw away money) and also they’d add to landfill which is not good.


Moving forward:


As we finish each product that requires adaption and new labels we’ll swap them over to the vegan/nut oil free range (which most of JOLI products are already), then JOLI will be 100% vegan and nut oil free!

How do you feel about this?


Does it make you smile?


Leave a quick comment sharing your thoughts.

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