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21 July 2018

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Hand vs Face Moisturiser

Hand vs Face Moisturiser

What's the difference between Hand and Face moisturisers?

Recently I was asked why I don’t sell ‘hand cream‘?


Good question!


Let’s look at the differences between ‘hand’ and ‘face’ moisturisers to best answer this question.


Is it price? Formulation? One contains gold … the other doesn’t?


Or maybe it’s just a name?


Truth be told… it is mainly about the name.  Companies can charge more for a face moisturiser than hand cream – even if the ingredients are similar or the same.


The theory is face creams are supposed to contain more vitamins and minerals and other active ingredients* and are less viscous.  While hand creams tend to be thicker with more enriching butters and oils, although the ingredients in them are meant to be ‘cheaper’ – hence the cheaper price.


*Active ingredients are ingredients that get deep into the dermal layers of the skin to do all the hard work of making your skin look and feel awesome!  In mainstream products these are all those fancy man-made ingredients you hear mentioned in commercials.  You know the ones… where they talk of snail gel, jelly fish and regenerative star fish DNA.


In JOLI’s case the active ingredients are natural essential oils, vitamins and minerals.


In short ALL JOLI’s moisturisers are beneficial for treating the signs of ageing and improving the appearance of your skin, whether it be on hands, neck, face or body.  ALL the moisturisers contain enriching, nourishing ingredients as well as active ingredients such as essential oils to suit your skin type.


Therefore, I see no reason to have two different types of products at two different prices when you can buy the one moisturiser, at the very affordable price of $35 for 100g, and use all over – face, body and hands!  It is a much more affordable and easy option, don’t you agree?

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