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    As you know JOLI tailor their skin care products to your needs and in doing so we offer a wide range of essential oil scents for you to choose from.

    Our essential oils are high quality oils with loads of therapeutic benefits and can be added to any of JOLI’s Bespoke Range.  If you see a scent you like here contact JOLI any time or leave a comment during checkout.

    1. EX Apple
    2. EO Basil
    3. EO Bergamot
    4. EO Calendula
    5. EO Cedarwood
    6. EX Chamomile
    7. EO Cinnamon
    8. EO Citronella
    9. EO Clary sage
    10. EX Coffee
    11. EX Comfrey
    12. EO Cumin
    13. EO Cypress
    14. EO Eucalyptus
    15. EO Fennel
    16. EO Frankincense
    17. EO Geranium
    18. EO Grapefruit
    19. EO Ginger
    20. EX Ginseng
    21. EO Jasmine Absolute
    22. EO Juniper berry
    23. EO Lemon
    24. EO Lemongrass
    25. EO Lemon myrtle
    26. EO Lime
    27. EO Marjoram
    28. EO Maychang
    29. EO Neroli
    30. EO Nutmeg
    31. EX Papaya
    32. EO Patchouli
    33. EO Penny royal
    34. EO Peppermint
    35. EO Petitgrain
    36. EO Pine
    37. EO Rose geranium
    38. EO Rosemary
    39. EO Rosewood
    40. EO Sage oil
    41. EO Sandalwood
    42. EO Spearmint
    43. EO Spring blend
    44. EO Thyme
    45. EO True rose
    46. EO Vanilla
    47. EO Vetiver
    48. EO Ylang ylang

    EX = extract          EO = essential oil

    NOTE: scents on offer are accurate at time of publishing and we make every effort to keep this listed update.  If at any time a scent you request is unavailable we will let you know and give you the option to choose another scent.

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