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How long does natural skin care last?

Joli NSC

03 June 2019

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How long does natural skin care last?

Natural products aren't any less superior than store bought products

JOLI products contain natural blends of herbal extracts and essential oils, as well as antioxidants, to naturally preserve.


Depending on how you use and store your products they can last for up to 12months, and if refrigerated products can last up to 3+ years.


Below is a *Recommended Use By* list for natural skin care products. These RUB dates depend on how you use and store your products, they also depend on you using the products as designed – i.e. daily, every 2 – 3 days, twice daily etc.

Bubble Bath Crumble Bar 12
Bath Salts Bliss 6 – 8
Bath Salts Serenity 6 – 8
Bath Salts Unwind 6 – 8
Deluxe Bath Serum 6 – 8
Deodorant Bar 8
Soothing Salve 12
Enliven Facial Scrub 6
Fluffy Lime Eye Cream 6
Facial & Body Wash 8
Fancy Cuticle Oil 6
Hair Styling Wax 6 – 8
Heavenly Bath Milk 4 – 6
Light Moisturiser 6 – 8
Lip Balm 3
Luscious Body Butter 6 – 12
Massage Oil 6
Moisturising Lip Balm 3
Purifying Cleansing Toner 6
Rich / Whipped Moisturiser 8 – 12
Rose Milk Bath Soak 4 – 6
Skin Serum 3 – 6

Keep in mind if you still have products (JOLI or others) sitting around unused after a some time, you’ve either most likely not been using them in accordance with directions or you didn’t like the product enough to use it often, or it wasn’t the right product for you.


Time to discard all those old out-of-date products and start afresh.


NOTE: only purchase what you’ll use and cherish.  If you’re not a lover of certain products it’s best not to buy that product hoping you will become a frequent user of said product.

What products do you love and use often?


What types of products do you rarely use?


Let me know by leaving a quick comment.

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