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How to know when it's time to change your products

Joli NSC

02 July 2018

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How to know when it’s time to change your products

Most people are very loyal to brands they love.  Just ask people who swear that either Cola or Pepsi is best.  Quite often people find a brand they love and stick to it like glue, even when those brands have price rises, formulation changes etc.  Which can be a good thing; why fix something that isn’t broken, right?


So how do you know when it might be time to make a change?


1) When those reformulations have additional nasties the product didn’t have before.


2) When the product is astringent and you can find a more gentle version.  For example there is a natural baby hair detangler on the market and the scent is so astringent and overwhelming for me (an adult) that I doubt it could be good for a baby to breathe in.  Why use that product when you can make your own natural hair detangler – safe and gentle.


3) When your moisturiser disappears into your skin like a whisper… ‘Did I even put any on?’  If your moisturiser disappears into your skin before you can really rub it in this is a sign that the moisturiser is too light for your skin type or that the ingredients aren’t nourishing enough.  On the other hand if you’re rubbing and rubbing and there is still moisturiser all over your face and hands this is a sign your moisturiser is too heavy for your skin type, or made with petroleum base that can’t absorb into skin.  JOLI have 3 different moisturisers to choose from so you’re bound to find the one that is perfect for your skin type.


4) Your hair product causes your hair to fall out.  Some years ago my husband had a bad reaction to hair wax, since then his hair has been slowly thinning out even though he stopped using harsh products on his scalp.  Sad days for a man who’s always had luscious thick locks.  Using a hair wax that doesn’t contain ingredients that cause hair loss is a good place to start.   Methylchloroisothiazolinone, methylisothiazolinone and sodium laureth sulphates are ingredients that are in almost all hair products and are known to cause hair loss/follicle damage.


5) When you can taste your product through your skin.  I had one customer tell me how she could taste the chemicals in a product she was using when she applied it to her face.  This is a sign the ingredients are quite harsh (and potentially toxic).  Use a gentle product that doesn’t taste fake and awful.


6) Adverse reactions.  This can present a numbers of ways such as, skin swelling, skin becoming red and inflamed, eyes watering after product is applied, skin becoming overly dry and peeling.  Quite often when a product causes an adverse reaction, especially if it’s not an extreme reaction, people might continue to use the product not understanding ’cause and effect’.  However, if your product is causing the above symptoms it’s time to switch to a more suitable product.

Have you experienced any of these things?


Have you experienced different situations that let you know it was time to change products?


Share your thoughts below.

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