How to treat a pesky pimple

Joli NSC

18 November 2021

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How to treat a pesky pimple

How to treat a pesky pimple

Small cluster of blackheads / pimples.

As soon as you see a new pimple the first thing you’ll want is for it to be gone!  Immediately!


You’ll have an urge to rub or touch it; is it still there, yes, is it noticeable, is it big, is it getting worse???


Oh no! Now it’s a white head!


You might try to press it, squeeze it, or pop it, or all 3.


Let’s say you have popped a pimple without preparation, that is you felt the pimple and just squeezed it automatically without cleansing or warming the area first… the best thing to do is disinfect the area, and your hands, to stop any bacteria spreading from one spot to the next, and to help the pimple not become infected now that you exposed all that bacteria.


If you didn’t pop the pimple (without proper preparation) one of the first things you should do it dab the pimple with some tea tree oil.  This will help kill off the bacteria causing the pimple.  Repeat daily, a couple of times a day, to kill off the bacteria.  Disinfect, dry out, kill off.


If you are going to try and pop a pimple the best way is to do a proper cleanse first.  It is best to clean the area first and eliminate as much bacteria from the area as you can, so that when you do pop the pimple or extract blackheads, you’re not introducing more bacteria from the surface of your face into the newly exposed open pore.  You also want to relax pores via steam or hot towel application, to soften skin and dilate pores, to make extraction easier and less damaging to your skin.


Alternatively, you could leave your pimples and blackheads alone (not pop or squeeze them) and let them die off and disappear in their own time.


For best results give yourself a daily cleanse (wash, tone, moisturise).  This helps keep skin fresh and clean and eliminates surface bacteria and the potential for pores to get infected.  Also consider getting a deep cleanse (once a month or at least every 2-3 months).

Be kind to your skin.

Remember, each time you pop a pimple or squeeze a blackhead without preparing skin first you damage your skin (skin is damaged either way, yet proper preparation lessens damage).  The area is stretched and wounded – which might not obviously affect your skin in the present moment, however, later down the track you might find you have large open pores, or scarring left over from ill treatment of your skin (see above image of said damage).


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