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In The Raw with JOLI

Joli NSC

02 April 2018

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In The Raw with JOLI

JOLI’s monthly newsletter was titled: Indulgence.


Yet the truth is natural skin care isn’t a matter of Indulgence (although it can be), it’s a matter of keeping products real, true, natural, in the raw.  Natural skin care is a matter of looking after you, your family, the environment and animals by using products as close to nature as you can get.  Beautiful products that don’t spoil the environment by being in existence.


Raw, pure, natural ingredients with amazing beneficial properties!  Doesn’t get much better than that.


Hence the title of the newsletter is changing from Indulgence to JOLI Natural Skin Care!


Not only that, from discussion I’ve had with my gorgeous customers, it is obvious the call for ‘natural’ spills over into various aspects of their lives: cleaning, eating, living, pets, clothing, shopping, transport etc.


In light of that I’ll also be putting together more natural / do it yourself videos with regards to living naturally and these will be listed under the In The Raw playlist.  It’s all about getting back to basics, sharing knowledge and having fun creating a natural in the raw lifestyle.  Pretty much how I (and yourself) live already.


Stayed tuned and watch this space.


Also I’ll be doing a series of brief info videos called A Quickie With JOLI.  See the first video below: The truth about phenoxyethanol.

Want more information on specific chemicals in skin care?


Want to see certain videos on youtube?


Comment below and I’ll do my best to accommodate.

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