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Intimate Moments with Natural Skin Care

Joli NSC

05 November 2014

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Intimate Moments with Natural Skin Care

When it comes to making love I believe that natural is best.

The more natural the better. Don't you agree?

#idoitnaturally… Do you?


It wouldn’t’ surprise me if you don’t associate JOLI Natural Skin Care with intimate moments, however, I’ve made a list of the JOLI products suitable for using during intimate moments, for both ladies and men.


Purifying Cleansing Toner.  You might be wondering what has toner got to do with making love?  It’s perfect for applying to a cotton pad or flannel and giving your nether region a refreshing wipe down beforehand.


Massage Oil is the best product for the job because there is more of it (125ml) and you can use it for many things such as massage, body perfume, drizzle in your bath for moisturising your body while you soak, in the shower and on genitalia instead of other personal lubricants made with iffy (mineral/petroleum) ingredients.


Skin Serum is the perfect little ‘ladies secret’, it can be applied directly to your clitoris for stimulation.


Soothing Salve* is more viscous and can come in handy when dryness is an issue down stairs, which could be suitable for post menopausal women.  It is also perfect for stroking and other such activities – where you want to avoid using synthetic / non-natural ingredients.
*contains lanolin


For something a little bit more risque try using Muscle Rub instead of Soothing Salve.  Muscle Rub contains warming essential oils and tingles gently when applied to skin.


Don’t waste your money on mineral oil/petroleum based products that contain iffy ingredients you should NEVER use on your intimate body parts.  Instead do it naturally with JOLI 😉


P.S. In the unlikely event you feel any discomfort stop using the product(s) and wash area down with a cold damp cloth.

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