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Lanolin in Skin Care

Joli NSC

26 November 2014

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Lanolin in Skin Care

Recently I was asked “What’s the deal with lanolin?”  Why are people not fond of lanolin in skin care products?


Good question.


Aside from some people being allergic to lanolin, there is also the sheering of sheep and the potential cruelty of that people are apposed to.


Personally, I don’t mind lanolin in skin care and here is why.


Lanolin is a natural weather barrier.  Created naturally by sheep (and Mother Nature) to coat their wool and provide protection from the elements.  It has the same effect on our skin – protecting us from the elements.  It is an all natural ingredients that has similar benefits to petroleum without the ‘man made/refined/bad for the environment and your skin’ part.  Lanolin is natures way of protecting us from wind, water, sweat and loss of hydration.


For this reason lanolin is the perfect ingredient to use in JOLI’s Soothing Salve to aid with eczema.


Eczema is the result of a person’s body not being able to moisturise itself naturally resulting in dry patches.    Soothing Salve moisturises the area while protecting against elements and soothing the itch fast!   Lanolin being a barrier means the salve stays on the skin doing its job perfectly.


So before you decide you don’t like products with lanolin consider the natural moisturising properties of this versatile ingredient.   It is MUCH better for you than petroleum jelly!

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