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Longer Stronger Nails

Joli NSC

28 May 2015

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Longer Stronger Nails

Some women are lucky enough to be born with naturally long strong nails (genetics, good diet, good health?) while others can’t grow their nails to save themselves.


Nails can be in various conditions; thick and white, see through and bendy, flaky and brittle.  Cuticles can show signs of damage such as hang nails and hard skin around the nail area.  Nails might have nail wrinkles (lines) running up them (a sign more moisturisation is needed).


One way of getting longer stronger nails is to actually pay them attention.  Might sound odd and yet it makes sense.  Neglected body parts tend to look neglected, whereas well looked after body parts tend to be in good condition.


Start by paying attention to your nails daily.

You will need:

Varnish remover (optional step)
Cotton pads
Quality nail file
Nail varnish (optional step)
Fancy Cuticle Oil


1) Apply a nail varnish each night (one layer per night).  The point is to have you paying attention to your nails on a regular (daily) basis.  If skipping this step apply cuticle oil nightly.


NOTE: nail strengthening varnish can help very soft brittle nails become stronger, however, these types of varnishes have not been proven to actually promote stronger nail growth.  I personally find they cause nails to flake when you stop using them and this can cause more nail breakage.


2) Apply cuticle oil DAILY or twice daily.  Fancy Cuticle Oil contains jojoba oil (unlike other nail oils usually made with almond or mineral oil), which is excellent for nourishing nails – it gets deep into the nail bed.  This helps hydrate the nail bed and skin around the nail area which in turn promotes healthy nails and cuticles.  Healthy nourished nails will be in better condition than neglected nails.


3) Once a week (say on Sunday afternoon):

  • Remove the layers of nail varnish with cotton pads (if you skipped the application of varnish skip this step).
  • File your nails even if it’s only 1mm or so, moving in one direction only – this neatens nails, gives you the chance to shape your nails and check for any damage.  It is said that nails that are filed regularly grow better than those that aren’t.
  • Apply a fresh layer of nail varnish, followed by cuticle oil.


Repeat nightly / weekly.


If majority of your nails break on one hand trim and file ALL nails so they look uniform and even and begin steps 1-3 again.


Keep nails to a manageable length.  If you try and grow your nails too long for the type of life style you have (i.e. sports, gardening, cleaner) or you’re not use to long nails, they will be more easily breakable.  So keep to a length you can maintain easily, and grow them longer as you get better at looking after them.


Eating nuts can help strengthen nails.

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