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Massage Potions

Joli NSC

07 April 2014

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Massage Potions

JOLI have a divine and therapeutic selection of Massage Oils for you to enjoy.   You simply choose which blend you want and we make it for you direct upon order.  You can also choose other scents from our essential oil and fragrant oil selection, such as: vanilla massage oil, lime massage oil, raspberry massage oil.  The choice is yours and at JOLI we love to give you the freedom to choose what is perfect for you.

Citrus Awakenings

Vibrant blend of lemongrass, orange and floral scents to awaken the senses and leave you feeling alive.   Orange, lemongrass, neroli, rose.


Feeling run down and tired?  This essential oil blend will awaken the senses and have you feeling energized.   Cinnamon, ylang ylang, citrus.

Spirit Lifting

feeling unhappy, sad, depressed?  A joyful oil blend of essential oils to lift your spirits.  Benzoin, sandalwood, lemon, rose.

Muscle Ache

Essential oil blend to relieve tired aching muscles.  Perfect for deep tissue and therapeutic massage.  Lavender, rosemary, ginger, peppermint.

Sleep Well

Massage oil blend will aid with relaxing mind and body to induce a good night’s sleep.  Chamomile, jasmine, lavender, rose.

Sexual Energy

Ignite that sexual spark with this seductive and sensual blend to entice intimate erotic moments.   Jasmine, sandalwood, orange, ylang ylang.

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