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Mineral Makeup, What To Look For.

Joli NSC

04 July 2016

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Mineral Makeup, What To Look For.

When choosing a mineral makeup over a mainstream cosmetic brand it can be tricky to know what you’re looking for, or what to beware of.


JOLI offer some helpful tips to make your choice easier.


Firstly let’s talk about the benefits of using mineral makeup.  Mineral makeup doesn’t clog pores the way mainstream cosmetics do so you’re less likely to suffer breakouts and premature ageing; allows your skin to still breathe while naturally protecting your skin from the elements; offers high water resistance; gives a natural flawless coverage and (if you find a decent brand) mineral makeup is free of toxic ingredients.


Ingredients to watch out for (BAD) when considering a makeup brand:
bismuth oxychloride, talc, mineral oil / petroleum, propylene and butylene glycol, fragrance / parfum, SLS, triethanolamine, cocamide DEA, parabens, diazolidinyl urea, 3-diol imidazolidinyl urea, DMDM Hydantoin, Qaternium-15, fillers and nanoparticles.


Another thing to look out for is the use of kaolin in mineral makeup.  Kaolin, in and of itself, is great for absorbing toxins that are drawn out of the body during mask application or used in bath bombs.  However when used in mineral makeup kaolin is used as a cheap filler instead of using mica, and can be drying on skin (since it’s use is to draw out impurities from your skin which has a tightening effect).


If the mineral makeup you’re thinking of purchasing contains any of these ingredients opt for another, more natural, brand.  Note: not all mineral makeup brands are natural or free from certain toxins.


Some good brands to consider are:
Ere Perez
Eco Minerals
Jane Iredale

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