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16 August 2018

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Moisturisers: the different types

Moisturisers: the different types

Rich Cream Moisturiser

Best suited for normal skin and moderately dry skin.  Also suitable for mature skin, young skin and sensitive skin.  Suitable for all over body use and is especially good for hands as well as face.

This creamy moisturiser contains rich luscious butters to stop skin from becoming too dry and helps prevent premature aging and wrinkles.

Can be custom scented with your favourite scent or made with a blend of essential oils to suit your needs.

Suggested uses: hand cream, face, neck and decolletage moisturiser, cold cream (mask) application.

Whipped Cream Moisturiser

Made for dry skin, damaged skin and mature skin, to aid in the reduction of deep wrinkles and lines and severe dry skin areas.  Also suitable for sensitive skin.

Whipped Cream has enriching butters and oils that are especially good for dry mature skin, leaving skin soft and supple.  Helps combat the signs of ageing with its blend of anti-ageing and rejuvenating essential oils.

Suggested uses: on décolletage, face, elbows, hands and body.  Also as a rich cold cream.

Light Moisturiser

A light moisturising lotion suitable for most skin types, especially oily, young and sensitive skin.  Contains skin nourishing ingredients such as rosehip oil, pro vitamin B5 and vitamin E to help combat breakouts and ebb excess oil production.

Also suitable for light application in hot and humid climates and for use over the summer period.

Can be custom scented with your favourite scent or made with a blend of essential oils to suit your needs.

Suggested uses: blemish/acne prone skin, young/teen skin, hot climates, all over body use including hands.

Skin Serum

A rejuvenating serum suitable for ALL skin types.  Perfect for use at night prior to sleep, although this serum can also be used under moisturiser at the beginning of your day, or even applied as a moiosturiser.

Light on the skin while containing potent anti-ageing, skin regenerative and skin healing ingredients such as rosehip and carrot oil. Skin Serum leaves your skin radiant, glowing, healthy and rejuvenated.

Suggested uses: night serum, day serum, heals wounds, eases scabbing and scarring including pimple scarring.

Fluffy Lime Eye Cream

It’s fluffy, it’s eye cream and it’s lime scented.

The lime essential oils give the skin firmness and pep.  The cream is very light and perfect for the delicate eye area.  Using heavy moisturisers on the eye area can cause puffiness and sagging.

Apply when you wake up and whenever your eyes are feeling tired.  It will give you a lift.  Also apply before bed to ease tired puffy eyes.

Suggested uses: around the eye area.

Luscious Body Butter

Made with enriching butters and beneficial essential oils this body butter melts into your skin the moment it’s applied, to quickly moisturise dry skin and keep skin looking youthful and supple.

This butter is primarily made to combat really dry areas of skin on your body such as scaly legs and dry heels of feet.  Even if you don’t have dry skin yet (it occurs more with age) this butter is great for warding off those signs of ageing and damage to your body.

Suggested uses: legs, feet, belly, breasts/chest, arms (not suitable for face). Alternatively dollop some butter in a bath and enjoy silky moisturised skin (but be careful, your bath tub could become slippery).

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