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Mother Natures Natural Remedy

Joli NSC

01 January 2019

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Mother Natures Natural Remedy

The name Aloe vera derives from the Arabic word “Alloeh” meaning “shining bitter substance,” while “vera” in Latin means “true.” NCBI


The humble Aloe Vera plant has some amazing properties and is used throughout the world in a wide variety of applications.


Aloe is high in amino acids and contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B12, folic acid, choline, K minerals, enzymes, proteins, fatty acids, triglycerides, plus mono and polysaccharides.  That’s a LOT of goodness packed into one humble plant.


Therefore it’s no surprise that the benefits of using Aloe are amazing no matter your age – young / old, blemish skin / dry skin… everyone can benefit from using Aloe Vera.


Aloe Vera is good for treating:

Abrasions, Burns & Irritations

Aloe is a known healing treatment for skin as well as having anaesthetic properties and can be applied directly to wounds.

Dry, Aged, Damaged Skin

Aloe is absorbed rapidly and deeply into the skin layers with means it can do good things to the skin where it’s needed most.  Applied daily, aloe improves the appearance of skin and promotes new cell growth.

Protection & Sun Care

Aloe is perfect for treating sunburn – considering it grows in the desert. It heals skin, reaches into deep layers and promotes new cell growth.
Aloe helps with acne as well by reducing inflammation, healing and relieving soreness.

Strains & Sprains

Aloe has the ability to reduce swelling of skin and muscles.

I encourage you to grow your own aloe plant at home.  You can cut parts off as necessary to aid with the above ailments.


Want JOLI to make and sell an aloe face mask?  Let us know by leaving a comment below.


JOLI produce by supply and demand #MyproductsYourway.  If you create a demand for aloe face mask I can then make an aloe gel mask to list on the website.


Let me know if you’d love to try an aloe gel mask.

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