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Natural Skin Care vs Cosmetic Giants

Joli NSC

02 September 2015

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Natural Skin Care vs Cosmetic Giants

When it comes to skin care how do natural products compare to the products cosmetic giants produce?


Many people would assume mainstream products (with their snail gel, jellyfish DNA and ingredients that freeze your face) perform better than natural skin care products.


The truth is, before synthetic ingredients and the thousands of chemicals in skin care came into production, people used essential oils, herbs and botanicals for thousands and thousands of years.  There was a reason they used these ingredients; because they worked!


Essential oils have the power to penetrate the skin and work their magic on a cellular level and have an array of properties from antibacterial to regenerative (depending on the oil).


The numerous synthetic ingredients that are invented each year, no doubt, do a good job – though the animals these products/ingredients are tested on probably don’t care about that, they just want their freedom.  I’d hazard a guess that cosmetic giants don’t use essential oils because the synthetic options are cheaper (thus more profit).  For example chamomile essential oil can retail from $33 for 6ml, where as synthetic jellyfish (based on collected DNA) can be mass produced at an affordable cost.  Even though they still retail moisturisers from $80 – $120 (depending on the brand).


Still, let’s be reasonable.  No product, mainstream or otherwise, is going to take 20 years off your appearance.  If you have damaged skin, scarring, deep lines and wrinkles, severe stretch marks etc. these can be minimalised, softened and toned down, yet not eradicated entirely via skin care alone.


On the other hand, if you regularly take care of your skin you can achieve great results such as clearing blemishes, reducing rashes, preventing fine lines and looking younger for longer, all with the aid of natural skin care containing beneficial essential oils.

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