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NEW Muscle & Chest Rubs

Joli NSC

24 July 2017

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NEW Muscle & Chest Rubs

You’ve probably heard the news!  JOLI now sell natural Muscle Rub and Chest Rub.


It’s been a long time coming and what made it happen was this: I’d placed an order for a muscle rub from an other natural company who took 6 weeks to reply to my order (placed via email).  There I was waiting and waiting and after a while I thought “Why am I waiting when I can make my own!”  And so I did.  After using the muscle rub on myself for quite some time and getting excellent results, it was then released to a number of lucky ‘testers’ to trial and give feedback.


Here’s what some had to say:


“I have been using it on a sore calf muscle and also on my right foot where I fractured it 18 years ago. It’s been very useful, particularly on my foot as it gets sore when it’s cooler, or going to rain.”


“Consistency is perfect. Not to thick nor thin, not sticky.
Absorption is quick, non greasy.
A little went a very long way.
Not quite strong enough (but I love my essential oils and love all the smells, so others might have been happy with the level of scent)
Very moisturising, my fingers are very soft after applying.
Suggestion: can you make a vaporub type product for colds & flues, using the base, and adding suitable essential oils (e.g. peppermint & eucalyptus) as the scents?”


– is the consistency of the product good: Yes
– did it absorb into your skin well: Yes
– did a little go a long way: Yes
– was the sent too strong / not strong enough: Quite OK


– is the consistency of the product good: YES LOVELY AND SMOOTH
– did it absorb into your skin well: YES HAPPY WITH THE ABSORBENCY
– did a little go a long way: YES! FANTASTIC
– was the sent too strong / not strong enough: I LOVED IT


“I tried your muscle rub and it’s excellent, not overly heating or odorous like some commercial brands. Also it doesn’t cause any adverse reactions.  Keep up the good work. Hopefully you be including it as a product in the near future.”


*    *    *


As for the Chest Rub this has been something I’ve used on my family for years, especially my son with asthma.  One customer who trialed the Muscle Rub asked about having a Chest Rub on offer as well and so it was also created so the public could benefit from using this product as well.


Both the Muscle and Chest rubs come in a natural base and use potent beneficial essential oils to ease symptoms.  ‘Potent’ doesn’t mean heavy/strong scented, it means essential oils with highly beneficial properties and when blended together do an amazing job at relieving symptoms.


The Muscle Rub eases: sore tight muscles and is also a natural muscle relaxant.
The Chest Rub eases: cold, flu, coughs, sore throat and asthma.
Both come in 100g tubs and retail for $19 and $17

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