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New Year New Products?

Joli NSC

02 January 2018


New Year New Products?

With the new year comes potential new products, however, JOLI can’t do it without your help.  It would be greatly appreciated if you could give your feedback regarding what ‘new’ products you’re looking for and interested in using.


There have been some suggestions already… yet it’s one thing for one customer to say “I’d like…” without knowing how many other customers might also be interested, or not, in that particular product.


Truth be told it has happened that JOLI have introduced a new product because a customer said they’d like us to stock that product… only to find not many others were interested in using said product/s.  A classic example is the Natural Bristle Body Brush (specifically requested by a customer who wanted natural bristles instead of plastic ones).  JOLI stocked up on these useful and handy brushes (they’re great for scrubbing hard to reach body parts such as backs and buttocks) and the brushes just didn’t sell 🙁


With that in mind I’d like to list some potential new products and find out from you whether they’re of interest to you or not – and by interest I mean would YOU use them or buy them for others?


  • Rose toner = hydrating older skin > Yes or No?
  • Tea tree toner = cleansing acne skin > Yes or No?
  • Aloe Vera mask = healing acne skin / anti aging > Yes or No?
  • Clay mask = detoxifying and moisturising skin > Yes or No?
  • Tinted eye cream > Yes or No?
  • Essential oil blends = essential oil remedy blends to use on conditions such as colds, anxiety, depression etc. > Yes or No?

The reason I ask is because when coming up with a potential new product labels need to be designed by our design team and this is not cheap (they’re an Australian company).  Labels then need to be printed out with minimum orders of hundreds, again not so cheap.  Packaging sourced, products promoted etc. etc.  It’s not as simple as just creating a product and it walking off the shelves.  There have been some products created that people have barely taken an interest in which means all that expenses setting up a new product for zero return.


What better way to make products people are interested in than by asking you directly: what products are you interested in having in the JOLI range (reply below or email me)?  If you think of other products you’d like to have please comment below.  If enough people show an interest in any of these potential products we may be able to put some into production.

Has this post piqued your interest?


Would you like to see a new product in store?  Have a product in mind?


If yes, tell me about it by leaving a comment below.

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