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Blemish Skin Pack

$97.90 $87.45


Combat blemishes and give yourself lovely clear skin… Naturally.


Suitable for:
Adults with blemished skin. The main difference between this and the Clean & Clear Pack is the exfoliating scrub. Adults tend to need to exfoliate more often than teens, though it doesn’t hurt for teens to exfoliate now and again also.


Directions for use:
Wet face with warm/hot water, apply a small amount of cleanser to face then massage lotion all over face for a few minutes, rinse off with warm water thoroughly. Follow with an application of toner then moisturiser. Having this as daily routine with help reduce blemishes and breakouts. One to three times a week exfoliate with Enliven Facial Scrub to remove dead skin cells and stop pores becoming blocked and turning into blemishes.


What you get:
125ml ~ Facial & Body Wash
100ml ~ Enliven Facial & Body Scrub
125ml ~ Purifying Cleansing Toner
100ml ~ Light Moisturiser




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