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Herbal Shampoo Bar [v]

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This product will bring your hair back to it’s natural state, keep hair clean and remove/reduce product build up in your hair.


Herbal Shampoo Bar contains only natural ingredients with wonderful lathering properties and hair friendly essential oils to thoroughly clean your hair. You’ve got nothing to loose except the chemicals you’re currently washing your hair with.


After using mainstream shampoos your scalp and hair may require a week or more before adjusting to the natural formulation of Herbal Shampoo. If your hair should appear greasier, flatter or feel heavier after the first few washes this is perfectly normal and is a good indication the shampoo bar is dissolving the build up of product in your hair.


[vegan] – product differs slightly to that shown.

1 review for Herbal Shampoo Bar [v]

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    From: Amanda – QLD
    OMG your herbal shampoo bar = divine! I found it hard to believe you didn’t have to use a conditioner, but you really don’t (I’m still rather excited by all that!!!) Also, Andrew’s eczema (after only 2 days!!) is calming down for the first time in 2 YEARS!! (I really should of taken before and after shots, as I am SO amazed!) He can bath in stuff OTHER then pinetarsol now! NEITHER the soap o…r bubble bath affect his skin AT ALL! AND finally, he smells nicer!! (rather then smelling like pinetarsol!!) Mixed in with the eczema salve which we use daily, his eczema is really on the mend! I shall be shopping again AND I’ve been calling my friends telling them about all this! I’m just so AMAZED! Thanks Jodi xoxoxoxo

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