Newborn Baby Gift Pack



Soothing products for baby and pampering products for new mum… Naturally


Newborn Baby Gift Pack suitable for

Newborn babies and new mothers (whether it’s her first or fourth child). All babies need tending to and all new mothers need spoiling. Add chocolates and a teddy bear or give as is for a wonderful natural gift every new mum will adore.


Direction for use for Newborn Baby Gift Pack

Using Soothing Salve for baby bottom balm, cradle cap and dry skin. Use Massage Oil for relaxing baby massages – dad can also use give mum a well earned massage as well. Use eye cream to reduce puffy eyes, firm skin and reduce the appearance of dark circles. Use Lip Balm to keep lips conditioned.


What you get in your Newborn Baby Gift Pack

100g ~ Soothing Salve
125ml ~ Massage Oil – Sleep Well
10g ~ Fluffy Lime Eye Cream
tube ~ Moisturising Lip Balm – unflavoured


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