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Q & A: Skin Serum

Joli NSC

28 August 2014

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Q & A: Skin Serum

Q: When is the best time to apply Skin Serum ?

A: To get optimal results Skin Serum is best applied to face and neck before bed, allowing the potent ingredients to soak into the skin and rejuvenate your skin while you sleep.   However, you can also apply Skin Serum at the beginning of your day so it can actively rejuvenate your skin while you go about your busy day.

Q: Do I apply Skin Serum under or over my moisturiser ?

A: Apply Skin Serum under your moisturiser, after you’ve showered or washed your skin, then apply your moisturiser.  Note: you do not necessarily need to apply a moisturiser, Skin Serum can be used on its own.

Q: How much Skin Serum do I use ?

A: It depends on your skin type, though a little drop goes a long way.  Some people like to use one drop of serum and massage all over their face.  While others might prefer to add a drop to their forehead, a drop each cheek and a drop on their chin, before thoroughly massaging into their skin.   Repeating with neck and decolletage.

Q: Can I use Skin Serum on burns ?

A: Soothing Salve is best applied to a fresh burn to stop the sting and soothe the pain and redness.  Skin Serum is best applied once the burn begins to heal as Skin Serum has regenerative properties and aids with healing and reducing scabbing and scarring.

Q: Is Skin Serum ok to use on blemished skin ?

A: Absolutely!  In fact even though Skin Serum is an oil based serum it contains potent ingredients such as rosehip and patchouli oil which are great for healing blemishes and the dry scabbing skin that accompanies pimples in the process of dying.  Note: use sparingly on specific areas and stop if you feel it’s not giving you the results you want.

Q: How quickly does Skin Serum absorb into the skin ?

A: Those with dry skin may find the serum absorbs quickly into their skin, and may even benefit from an additional application.  Those with oily skin may find the serum takes a little longer to be fully absorbed.  Serum leaves skin with a radiant youthful appearance.  Either way Skin Serum is still doing it’s job which is to rejuvenate, replenish and slow down the signs of ageing.

Q: What skin type is best for Skin Serum ?

A: All skin types will benefit from Skin Serum.  There is not one particular skin type it is more beneficial for because, no matter the skin type, the ingredients aid in wrinkle reduction, regeneration and leaves your skin looking younger, softer and silky to the touch.

Q: Is Skin Serum safe for use on children ?

A: Yes.  One of the best uses for Skin Serum is on children’s skinned knees: it soothes and heals skin without stinging which is perfect when needing to apply something on a child’s sore.  It can be applied to fresh wounds.

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