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Q: How do I know if I need to exfoliate?

Joli NSC

25 February 2021

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Q: How do I know if I need to exfoliate?


Follow these simple tips to find out if you need to exfoliate your skin.

1/ Bumpy skin

Run clean finger tips over your skin. Does your skin feel like braille? Can you feel lots of little bumps on the surface of your skin?


This is a sign that pores are clogged, blocking gunk inside your pores. Left untreated these lumps will turn into blemishes or worse.

2/ Flaky skin

Look closely at your skin. Can you see flaky, peeling bits of flesh?


This is a sign your skin is super dry and has dead-skin-bits that need to be removed to expose the youthful, fresh skin underneath.

3/ Scaly skin

Does your skin resemble lizard skin? Is it scaly and noticeably dry.


Scaly skin is usually a sign of very dry, neglected skin where the outer layers have dried up. Regular exfoliating and moisturising can reduce the appearance of this type of effect.

4/ Ingrown hair

Do you suffer from frequent ingrown hairs, especially after hair removal?


This is a sign dead skin cells are covering hair follicles, blocking new hair from popping out freely. Exfoliating prior to skin care removal and every so many days there after, can alleviate blocked follicles.

Solution = Enliven Face & Body Scrub

Enliven Face & Body Scrub is made with natural exfoliating beads in a moisturising cream base with added essential oils. It is perfect for gently exfoliating skin whilst enriching and nourishing your skin – it does NOT leave your skin dry or feeling tight.


Use regularly, at least once a week and up to every 3 days for maximum benefits. Your skin will feel soft and smooth and look radiant and glowing.

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