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Refer a Friend

Refer A Friend

Your special invitation!


You might have heard of JOLI’s “Refer a Friend” program and I’d love you to take part in it.  I’m offering this to my valued customers because your regular purchasing deserves a reward.


And it’s easy!


Contact JOLI today and I’ll send you a direct link and details you can share with your friends (via email).


When your friend places an order with JOLI after receiving their special discount code, they’ll get a 10% discount off their first order (minimum purchase $20).  That’s a wonderful way to introduce them to your favourite skin care brand!


Then, as the great friend who recommended them to JOLI, you’ll receive $20 off your next order!


Sound good?  Fill in the form below, include your friends contact details and JOLI will set everything in motion.


Fill in the form below

..Orders placed during 6 - 12 July 2020 with be processed from 13th. Dismiss