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Skin Care For The Older Woman

Joli NSC

03 December 2015

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Skin Care For The Older Woman

Mature women are caught between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand we want to show the world getting older doesn’t mean becoming invisible and fading away. It means knowledge and wisdom, skills and talents to be passed on to next generations.


On the other hand older woman are more aware of the pressure on women to look and be a certain way; younger, slimmer, prettier.


We want to rebel against those stereo types by not buying into the hype of youth being the only beauty ideal. To age is not to wither and die but to blossom and grow in ways only the older woman can understand.

Yes older women and men are powerful beings full of knowledge and worldly wisdom and yes we shouldn’t buy into having to change our looks to fit into a round hole. There is a happy medium of looking after your skin while passing on your wisdom to the world. After all, the products JOLI makes are age old, tried and tested remedies handed down from alchemist to alchemist over many generations. There is primal beauty in that and primal beauty in wanting to pamper ourselves no matter our age.


  • Whipped Cream Moisturiser is great for mature, dry skin. Great for the decolletage, elbows, hands, feet, face… all over, to aid with skin hydration.  Moisturised skin always looks healthier compare to dry ravaged skin.
  • As we pass through menopause we become more dry downstairs which can be a problem for many an older woman with a red hot libido. One way to naturally aid with this condition is with the use of Massage Oil. All natural, custom scented.
  • Baggy and puffy eyes are a problem as well as fine lines that eventually turn into deep lines (the stories of our life). Baggy, puffy eyes can also be a sign of too heavy a moisturisier applied around the eye area. While we will age no matter what, it’s still a lot of fun picking a fight with age and trying to win the battle for as long as possible. That’s where Fluffy Lime Eye Cream comes into play.
  • Skin regeneration and rejuvenation is music to our ears. Who doesn’t love the sound of that. Alchemists of old knew which essential oils had regenerative properties and they used this information wisely.  Skin Serum is one such product that contains those essential oils.
  • Our lips dry out quiet quickly, especially in cold and wind, as well as hot summers and during illness. There’s nothing worse than using product after product and nothing gets rid of your dry lips.  Moisturising Lip Balm words quickly to ease dryness and is long wearing to protect your lips from drying out.


JOLI believe we should not suffer old age unwisely. Use your worldly gifts, your intuition, your knowledge and wisdom and pass on your beautiful minds and beauty secrets onto the next generation xo

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