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Skin Care Routine Exposé #1

Joli NSC

17 September 2014

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Skin Care Routine Exposé #1

NEW exposé featuring skin care routines from ordinary people like you and me.  If you’re anything like me, I know you’ll be curious to know about other people’s skin care routines and to know if you’re similar to others: i.e. obsessed, diligent, neglectful… ??

Once a month JOLI will run an exposé on other people’s skin care routines and share them with you to enjoy.


Kyra – NSW


  1. Skin care products currently used ?
  2. How often do you cleanse your face ?
  3. How often do you moisturise your face ?
  4. Most looked after body part is ?
    Her face.
  5. Most neglected body part is ?
    Her hands.
  6. Regular skin care routine ?
    “I apply coconut oil before showering, then gently cleanse.”
  7. When it comes to taking care of your skin, your are ?
  8. What influences your skin care regime ?
    “The main factors that influence my skin care are using natural products, and just doing what I feel my skin needs at the time (rather than having an extensive daily routine). I keep it simple!”
  9. One piece of beauty advice you would give is ?
    “Research into the ingredients in your skin care products.”

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