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Skin Care Routine Exposé #3 ~ CJ

Joli NSC

19 November 2014

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Skin Care Routine Exposé #3 ~ CJ

Exposé featuring skin care routines from ordinary people like you and me.




  • Skin care products currently used ?
    Moisturiser, Eye cream.
  • How often do you cleanse your face ?
  • How often do you moisturise your face ?
  • How often do you exfoliate ?
    Every Couple of days.
  • Most looked after body part is ?
  • Most neglected body part is ?
    Everything else.
  • Regular skin care routine ?
    “Slack, complacent, can’t be bothered”
  • When it comes to taking care of your skin, you are ?
  • What influences your skin care regime ?
    “Lack of self-care, laziness, hard to find cheap natural skin care to deal with skin sensitivity/allergies*.”
  • One piece of beauty advice you would give is ?
    “I wouldn’t listen to me :)”

*CJ has a skin condition called polymorphous light eruption.

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