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Skin Care Routine Exposé #6

Joli NSC

25 February 2015

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Skin Care Routine Exposé #6

Exposé featuring skin care routines from ordinary people like you and me.


Jessa B – QLD


  1. Skin care products currently used ?
    Toner, Cleansers, Shower Gel.
  2. How often do you cleanse your face ?
    Once a week.
  3. How often do you moisturise your face ?
  4. How often do you exfoliate ?
    Once a week.
  5. Most looked after body part is ?
  6. Most neglected body part is ?
    Everything else.
  7. Regular skin care routine ?
    “My skin routine is anything but routine…  I wash my face (I don’t like water on my face, so once a week) I do however use a toner once a week and exfoliate with a pH balanced gel cleanser once a week too.  I don’t moisterise as it seems to flare my redness and sting my face.”
  8. When it comes to taking care of your skin, you are ?
  9. What influences your skin care regime ?
    “Time constraints is a big one… My life is really busy (who’s isn’t?) and by bedtime I’m exhausted (and can’t be bothered). Also, sunscreen is a big thing for me… All my makeup has a minimum of 15+ SPF however, most of them are 30+”
  10. One piece of beauty advice you would give is ?
    SUNSCREEN!!!  It will save your life!”

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