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Skin Care Routine Exposé #7

Joli NSC

22 April 2015

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Skin Care Routine Exposé #7

Exposé featuring skin care routines from ordinary people like you and me.


JOLI – Vic


  1. Skin care products currently used ?
    Toner, Cleanser, Moisturiser, Mask, Eye Cream, Scrub, Massage Oil, Soothing Salve, Lip Balm… Too many to list.
  2. How often do you cleanse your face ?
  3. How often do you moisturise your face ?
  4. How often do you exfoliate ?
    Once or twice a week.
  5. Most looked after body part is ?
  6. Most neglected body part is ?
    Back – because it’s hard to reach.
  7. Regular skin care routine ?
    “I try to cleanse my skin every evening and give myself a deep clean facial once a week. Exfoliating once a week is important to me to remove dull dead skin. I have been taking care of my skin regularly since I was in my mid teens and plan to keep going for as long as I can. Though time and tiredness at the end of the day can get in the way of my routine”
  8. When it comes to your looking after your skin, you are ?
    Dedicated bordering on obsessive.
  9. What influences your skin care regime ?
    “My mum use to tell me how important it is to moisturise neck, hands and elbows because these areas show our true age. Mum has been a big influence, she gave me my first cleansing products (wash, scrub and toner).”
  10. One piece of beauty advice you would give is ?
    “Develop a regular skin care routine, do something special and pampering for yourself daily. Your skin will thank you.”

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