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01 August 2018

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Sometimes things go wrong

Sometimes things go wrong

I bought a block of chocolate, opened the packet with excited anticipation of enjoying every delicious chocolatey morsel… only to find… the chocolate bar wasn’t quite right.  Yikes!!


This is a normal part of business, having things go wrong.  It’s part of life, part of human behavior, part of the chaos theory.  However, it’s how a business handles these situations that matters, and how you – the customer – helps or hinders the situation.


In the 10+ years I have been running JOLI there have been a few hiccoughs along the way.  Situations where things didn’t go quite right.

  • A few years back there was a situation with a batch of Lip Balm containers.  Our supplier changed the containers they were selling to a more thinner plastic (without notification).  This resulted in some of the lip balm containers cracking.
    It turned out that the lip containers required the balm to be a very specified temperature when being poured into the containers and doing this remedied the issue.
    I also let the supplier know of the situation which prompted them to go back to the old lip balm containers.  Win Win!
  • Another time one of my loyal customer’s favourite products was out of stock and they let me know in a nice way, by leaving feedback for the product they were after.  This prompted me to check the stock levels and fix that issue.  I’ve since changed the stock so that products don’t run out unless they’re Limited Edition [like some Bath Treats].
  • Not all emulsifying waxes are equal.  I once used a different supplier for emulsifying wax and the wax was terrible.  It clumped in the product and formed miniature balls.  So tiny there were unrecognisable to the naked eye, yet they could be felt by the customer receiving and applying the product.  The customer was good enough to let me know, I remade the product with different wax and resent them their product.  I also don’t use emulsifying wax from that company any more (and I let them know there is an issue with their wax).

There have been a few other hiccoughs here and there, however the moral of the story is: I can only do better through your help.


If you don’t tell me of an issue that arises I cannot remedy the matter and then I don’t know to fix the matter so that other customers won’t experience the same thing.  For example, those customers who told me about the cracked lip balms, this prompted me to search out a better container.


Bottom line is I thrive on your feedback, both good and bad (as do most companies).  It helps me grow, it helps with product development, it helps with future customer service and it helps build a greater brand!


So please, never be too hesitant to send through feedback; don’t leave me sitting alone with my thoughts wondering if you’re satisfied or not.  I LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU.


Share your thoughts below or contact me any time.

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