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Sustainable Company

Joli NSC

01 May 2017

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Sustainable Company

There are those who believe we are sitting upon the age of a great precipice.  Facing issues such as global warming, massive food shortages, vast quantities of land and resources going towards mass animal farming, large numbers of people trapped in slavery and servitude, and a growing disparity between the the rich and the poor.


We face a scary future with many of us not knowing how to help and what to do.


One way you can help is by supporting sustainable companies: companies who have people’s and animal’s lives and the interests of the planet foremost in their minds.


One such company is JOLI Natural Skin Care.


JOLI have taken a number of steps to work towards sustainability and perhaps their greatest step is NOT MASS PRODUCING products.  Mass production of skin care to ship world wide while telling consumers to buy more, instead of only producing what is needed, is unethical and unsustainable.  Huge amounts of resources are used up when production is performed in this way.


Whereas manufacturing on a needs only basis means very few amounts of resources are used and this is much better for our environment.


JOLI also run on solar power and have energy saver lights installed, email order details to save on paper usage/wastage, package orders in reusable/recyclable materials and because we don’t ship internationally we have a considerably low carbon footprint compared to other companies who do.  JOLI also recycle and reuse everything that comes into our office.  Very little is added to landfill.


What other factors do you think of when looking for a sustainable company?

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