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Teen Question: difference between cleanser and scrub?


01 June 2018

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Teen Question: difference between cleanser and scrub?

Recently I had a teen who is having a breakout ask me what the steps are to cleansing the skin?  In particular they were confused about the difference between cleanser and scrub.


Cleanser is a liquid gel that washes away dirt and grime, and also antibacterial to kill off germs that cause blemishes.


Scrub is a cream (granules in a moisturising base) that is used to remove dead skin and unblock pores.


The steps to a good cleanse are:


1) Apply moderately hot/warm water to your face.


2) Using about 5c worth of cleansing lotion, rub the cleanser over your wet face and massage the bubbles onto your skin.


3) Rinse off using moderately hot/warm water splashed over your face.


4) Using about 5-10c worth of scrub apply to your face massaging the granules over your skin to remove dead skin.

Note: scrub only needs to be done once a week – no more than 3 times per week.


5) Rinse off using moderately hot/warm water splashed over your skin or a warm wet flannel to wipe away granules.


6) Using a cotton ball, apply toner to remove residue (from cleanser and scrub) and to help tighten skin and pores.


7) Finish off with a moisturiser suitable for young skin.  I recommend Light Moisturiser.


Clean & Clear Teens Pack: cleanser, toner & moisturiser


Blemish Skin Pack: cleanser, scrub, toner & moisturiser


The following image represents how much of each product is required for single use.  As you can see a little goes a long way!

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