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The Hard Sell To Be White

Joli NSC

03 February 2015

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The Hard Sell To Be White

Recently I was asked if JOLI sell skin brightening creams.  Admittedly I had look up what they were and upon finding out they’re skin whitening creams I had to, regrettably, advise that JOLI do not.


Our main objective at JOLI is to eliminate the use of hazardous chemicals in skin care by educating the public to the dangers involved in the manufacture, disposal and use of these chemicals, and also by offering a diverse chemical free skin range as a safe alternative.


The main active ingredient in brightening creams is hydroquinone which is deemed very high hazard to human health by the EWG (Evnironmental Working Group) – high concern for organ system toxicity and has been linked to increased incidents of cancer.


These creams can be used to treat age spots and hyperpigmentation such as preggy-mask (also known as melasma).  They’re often used in Asia and other countries to sell white skin to the people.


Personally, I resent the sale of these creams to encourage people to be white. People of colour already contend with the use of animal placenta in their hair straightening creams, which cause hormonal changes and disruption, let alone adding to their woes of having and added extra cancer risk when using whitening creams.  I resent the use of these creams because they’re harmful to those who use them.  Essentially telling the public they should want to be white so much they’re willing to die for it, or at the very least risk their health.


Is being whiter worth dying for?  Is it worth harming people to make a profit off the sale of this ingredient?  The irony is that these companies also sell being tanned or brown to white skinned people which is also detrimental to their health.


I say Love the skin your in, don’t begrudge it and want to change who you are and what cultural history your skin represents.  We are all different shades of the same human-race and we are all beautiful in our existence.


Our colour does NOT define who we are.

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