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Toxic Skin Care Fact or Fiction?

Joli NSC

07 August 2014

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Toxic Skin Care Fact or Fiction?

I read an article recently in a beauty magazine about how chemicals in skin care really aren’t that bad for us.  After all there are millions of people using products, who go back for more and more, for years and years, with only a marginal amount having any kind of issues.  And that the only people saying otherwise are those with something to sell.


An article like this is interesting as it’s gets the mind ticking.  Could it be so?  Could it be that all these (8,000) chemicals in skin care aren’t doing any damage to the human body?  Aren’t building up in our blood streams?  Aren’t contributing to conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis or cancer?  That those millions who are using them with no issues proves they’re ok?  That all the natural/organic skin care gurus have it wrong and are simply doing it just because they have something they want to sell you?  Scare mongering?



Something to consider is this: if natural isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and mainstream skin care isn’t so bad for us why do the mainstream companies insist on trying to palm off chemical laden products as  ‘natural/organic’ to sell to the public?  Simply because it’s big right now?  Or because chemical free IS important and they know it?


Consider also it is same with mainstream skin care.  They too have something to sell which is why they tell you their products are safe.


An interesting note about this topic is further into the magazine they had people writing in with questions for an expert to answer.  The first question was, “Why is there an increase in people presenting with sensitive skin?”  Answer: “There are many reasons for this, it could be people using the wrong product for their skin type, or using a product that is too harsh and strips the natural protective oils from the skin leaving it damaged and exposed, after which their skin becomes sensitive.”


On the one hand, the magazine says there is nothing wrong with mainstream skin care – that the ingredients are far more technologically advanced than humble natural ingredients which makes them better.  While on the other hand they’re saying these products contain harsh ingredients that lead to an increase in skin sensitivity.


This got me thinking, if mainstream products aren’t that bad for us and natural skin care companies are just trying to sell you something… why are more and more people presenting with sensitive skin and skin reactions when using these products?  Of course the other question is can people use natural skin care and still present with skin sensitivity after a while of using those products?


Speaking from my perspective, yes it’s true JOLI have something to sell and it’s true that chemicals in skin care doesn’t sit well with me.  From a personal perspective it has little to do with selling (i.e. conning the public into believing the others are bad and dangerous and you must buy this) and more to do with my own personal experience with mainstream skin care and the effects it has had on mine and my families skin.  Not to mention what customers say about their own skin care issues.


Perhaps it really just boils down to this: there are those who can use mainstream skin care with no issues at all and there are those who can’t.  And there are companies who cater to both ends of the spectrum and everywhere in between.  JOLI happen to cater to those presenting with skin issues, providing them with, if not safer (because the other products are not unsafe…?), then certainly more gentler options.


What do you think about this issue?  Have you been able to use mainstream products fine or have they had adverse effects on your, or someone you knows’ skin?  Leave a comment below.

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