Treat & hide tired puffy eyes

Joli NSC

19 November 2021

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Treat & hide tired puffy eyes

Treat & hide tired puffy eyes

Puffy eyes are when the area around the eyes feels and/or looks swollen.  This can happen from tiredness, overworked, stress, too much screen time (eye straining), and crying.  Did I miss any?  Oh yeah, too much partying, drinking, sugary and fatty foods.  Bad eye site can also strain eyes.


A frequent I get is: how do I treat dark circles around the eyes.  Another frequent concern is how to treat puffiness.

Here are a handful of ideas to help combat puffy eyes.

Eye Mask

You’ve seen the funny pictures of people with cucumbers over their eyes.  There’s a good reason for that, cucumbers – especially cold – soothes the eye area.


Organic Cucumber Gel Mask is based on this concept.  It is cooling and refreshing on the skin.


Apply to lower eye lid, eye area, puffiness.

Leave to sit for 15mins (or more – overnight even).  Remove with a damp warm cloth, follow with Fluffy Lime Eye Cream.

Refresh Area

A splash of cold water on the face is refreshing and uplifting.  It is the same with a refreshing application of Purifying Cleansing Toner.


Apply some toner to a collon ball or reusable eye cloth and wipe around the eye area.  The feeling of cool liquid on your eyes is invigorating, while the toner is also hydrating.

NOTE: you can also chill your toner in the fridge for a while too, to have it lovely and cold on the skin.


Follow with Fluffy Lime Eye Cream to seal in the hydration.


Apply a light layer of eye shadow directly onto puffy area.  This hides the prominent area of the swelling under some shadow.  Gives the elusion of being further back, shadowed.


Use a colour that is anywhere from the colour of natural shadows on your face, to fairly dark (if you’re going for a dark smokey eye appearance).


Tinted eye cream can also help, apply some to eye area then follow with light application of eye shadow.

Apply Eye Cream

It might sound obvious and maybe you do this regularly and you still feel like your eyes are puffy, however, you can never have too much eye cream (well actually you can be applying too heavy a cream to your eye area).


Even if your eyes are puffy (because you’re tired, overweight, getting older etc.) it is still important to keep the area moisturised and protected against elements.

Warding off fine lines and wrinkles can never start early enough or be continued for long enough.


Also, there is no harm in doing these things often, daily if need be.  Can you ever pamper yourself too much?

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